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Welcome to this editable website

This website page has been made so that you can edit all the content. You can choose to add or change your text at any time so that your web visitors get presented with fresh content. Imagine this is your website- wouldn't it be great if you did not have to ask your web master to just change the headline or enter new text, images or links to other pages?


Have a Competitive Edge

You may or may not have been involved with your site's search engine optimisation. Maybe you pay someone to do this for you. Google has changed the rules somewhat and the most important factor in reaching a high place in the search engine pages is to KEEP CONTENT FRESH, interesting & useful to web visitors. No more (or very little) changes to keywords and so on. BUT, tell your visitors something new on a regular basis. Use an area of your site to tell them of NEW OFFERS, NEW IDEAS, NEW SERVICES or something that is relevant. This you can do with Redcetera CMS.


Adding New Content

Adding new content is super easy. You can add text, images, pdf's, spreadsheets and more.

You can also choose all important USER LEVELS so that maybe only you are allowed to change

the headline and images but your assistant can be given access with lower permissions

such as just changing the text. This Demo has been set up so that you can try it all

out for yourself at the different levels. Change what you like.

(it will be reset back to this content after you log out)


Using Redcetera CMS

Editing your site is a doddle, much like using a text editor like Word or similar. We add the CMS 'snippets' to your exisiting site. Set up the user levels for you. Provide training (if needed at all) and off you go!

Google will Love YOU

Google likes people & is favouring web sites that have people input with material of interest to other people. So if get the content is renewed often with interesting stuff Google rewards it with high ranking!

What's YOUR News?
Yes - You can now do all this yourself. Let the world know about your latest news. Maybe you have a new dish on your menu, a product that needs highlighting. There is much that could be of interest to your web visitors.
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