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What is CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System. A pre-defined system or tool that enables modification of website content (text and/or images etc) from a central position accessed through a browser and finally publishing to the live website.
Why is CMS important?q
CMS enables you to control your site's content & refresh your page content regularly and this is ultra important for your site's position in the search engines.
What does Google want?
To give sites an equal high ranking chance (apart from the big advertising spenders) Google now judges sites on their content. CONTENT IS KING: Is it original, is it fresh, is it useful to web visitors. Redcetera CMS gives you that opportunity to do so without the help of your web master/designer.
What about Search Engine Optimisation - page titles, descriptions and keywords - are they out now?
No, not exactly but they are lower in the ranks now. It is certainly important in SEO to give each page a good & original title, a short description reflecting what is on the page and a small amount of succinct keywords. You can change these with Redcetera CMS and read more on this subject by following this link.
What is Redcetera CMS?
Redcetera CMS is a small and simple content management system that has been designed with the client in mind. This small & elegant application is an aid for website owners without the need for technical skills or knowledge of website programming languages.
So can anyone access my website?
No. This is established through the setting of Usernames, Access levels, Access areas. You as the website owner can decide what areas can be changed by whom.
Explain these permission levels?
You may decide that certain text areas - maybe the News section - can be changed by your manager but not the areas where your company Mission Statement goes as you rather do this yourself. The permissions are controlled by usernames and passwords.
What is a Snippet?
A snippet is an editable region. We will insert a little bit of code at the beginning and end of each 'editable region'. Here we will add the pre-defined names of the users and/or levels of the people you allow to access these regions. The user with their pre-defined level accessing their allowed area will only see the tools that they are allowed to use. This can be easily seen by testing our Demo with the different levels.
How do I change text using your CMS?
We insert editable regions or 'snippets' into your existing website and those areas can be accessed. They can be text and/or image blocks. Here you simply add or replace the exisiting text by overtyping like you would in Word or other text editor. You can also copy form Word.
Can the layout and look of the website be changed?
No, we will make sure that the core of the website is protected but certain things are up to you if you want these to be enabled or not ( to all or some users) such as allowing text colour, fonts, font sizes etc to be changed as these can change the look of a site considerably.
Can I change images and how do we do this?
Yes. The images are uploaded to a predefined storage area and again - you decide who can and/or who has access to this storage area. Images from the storage can then be added or images can be swapped where it has been set up to be allowed. This could be a slide show or an advert or any other pre-defined image box. You can specify the width and height to ensure the aspect ratio.
How do we publish the site?
Simpels! After each alteration you simply press Upload and the site will publish and be instantly live.
Will Redcetera have to re-design my site to enable CMS?
Not neccesarily. If you are happy with your existing site, we will just add the snippets to where you want them to go. So ideal for a retro-fit. We will set up the access levels, add usernames (generic if you wish) and you are ready for the off. We can reverse the process at any time if you wanted to use the system no longer.
Can we add new regions ourselves?
No, this does require programming skills or a different CMS system (see elsewhere) - but it will not take us much time and so the cost will be low.
Can we add new pages to our site?
No, that would require a more complex type of CMS which we have available and can happily explain to you or follow this link for more info.
Can you design a new CMS site for us?
Yes, of course. You can choose to have a 'fully blown' CMS site system that gives you still bigger control than with snippets, a CMS e-shopping sytem or a site with Snippets. Talk to us.
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