Google will love my site!
Redcetera Content Management System
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Easy web content managements - no skills required -


Cost Cutting

Cheaper than having your site rebuilt

No ongoing costs

No need to pay for a web designer - You control the content of your site from virtualy any computer connected to the internet

No need to pay for site optimisation - You have conrol over SEO


multi level

you choose who can edit what parts or even all of your site

you choose who can insert images

you choose who can upload files and images



font families sizes colour style

create lists

insert and manage tables



2 hours traing included.

You allow us to acess your computer - no need to leave the office



you recieve our sarch engine tips and tricks



advanced users can be given access to the code and even amend head metatags and also the design files(css)



With the move by Google to placing great weight on the content of websites



This is a content editing system and designed for amending text and managing images.



We will install the software on your website host.


Commission & test



easy to use

conent only see powa



browser based edit antwhere

who can use it permisions

images and uploads

no alteration to site - just an addon


we could make a whole new site