Databases - the key to dynamic websites
help serious business grow on the web
                    collect - store - share - modify data

Add power to your website - support pages with powerful software interfacing with databases

If your website does or is going to contain a great deal of information & particularly if you need to update it on a regular basis you'll be needing a database driven website

  • bulletins to stakeholders
  • electronic or e-newsletters
  • targeted or global mailshots
  • stock availability mailings
  • product information
  • conversion marketing
  • enquiry processing
  • enquiry forwarding
  • company newsletters
  • schedules
  • online surveys
  • & much much more
With a web based DB you can: -

Gather information automatically
From acquiring email addresses to storing your customer's online form submissions

Share data
Online databases can be made available to your employees , sales department or customers

Use & Store Information
A well designed database allows you to store data and get it or modify it when you need to easily and efficiently regardless of the amount of data being manipulated. What the data is and how demanding you will be when retrieving and modifying that data is simply a matter of scale

Redcetera has experience at integrating & programming databases with websites. We have the skills and ability to construct a database structure for your website or take any existing database structure and put it on-line. We can provide professional solutions using PHP and MySQL.
improve your clients browsing experience with a dynamic database driven website
We provide clients with extensive projects tested in all modern web browsers

Automation = EFFICIENCY

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