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We simply design great websites @ affordable prices

Choose Redcetera and select a business partner to design you an outstanding attractive & robust website. Your new or re-designed site will work for your target audience, & represent your organisation the way you want to a concept that fits your budget.

From feature-rich dynamic eCommerce & whip smart Business Websites with bespoke facilities to a single page web presence. YOUR choice - WE are at your service. We will work closely with you listening to your likes and dislikes and create a site to reflect & enhance your company image to impress you, your visitors and encourage new business.

With Redcetera you can be sure YOUR needs come first at a price you can afford.

SOME OF OUR SERVICES: Content Managed Sites (CMS) Business WebSites, E-Commerce site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Social Media Campaigns & Web Marketing Newsletter Design & Campaigns Graphic Design

SEO & Digital Marketing & How Redcetera can Help

Having a great website is only the first step. Now in order not to miss out on potential business, let Redcetera further optimise your site for the searchengines. Our expertise will help drive traffic to your site & customers returning for more.

To attract website visitors your site will need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - the process of aiming for a high position in search engine results for specific relevant keywords or phrases. Some Very Important Traffic Factors : Page Content Relevance, Keyword Relevance & Density, Optimised Anchor text, Meta & HTML Tags, URL & Site Architecture, Mobile Friendly & Fast Page Loading. Redcetera sites are built to be search engine friendly and have a basic seo applied. They are submitted to Google & other major search engines equipped with SE specific site maps.

These basic techniques alone will not however guarantee you top level ranking. Dependant on the aim of your site further optimisation or even a full seo and Digital Marketing Campaign may be required Basic SEO is not always enough and a strategy for Digital Marketing is vital to increase top level ranking. will be required. Your Strategy depends on your industry and the Uniqueness of your product.

The Rules are: Solid SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing + regular Fresh Content keep customers curious for more. Don't miss out on potential business - Redcetera will help to keeps the cats coming.

Be in Charge with CMS

Manage Your Site Content with ease & inject a performance boost into your business. Increase your Takings and Simplify your Business Life - Built the way YOU want with Smart Tools to Market your Products with an E-Commerce site or advertise your Business Online.

It is important to keep your customers informed and your website is the ideal media to do so. Making sure the information is relevant and accurate is crucial. The answer is to keep your site up to date & the content fresh. You can ask Redcetera to do this for you or choose a Content Managed Site (CMS) to be in control of content. NEVER compromise & stay in charge. Without the need for complex IT skills you can Change Your Site content including images, products, prices, text etc at will. Manage your content with a user-friendly browser interface and have the benefits of being the site administrator without any technical knowledge. It even updates your web security.

Put simply, a CMS does all the technical work for you! Your CMS site admin can be accessed from any web browser putting you in charge any time, anywhere - be it on a business trip or even on holiday!

BIS Grants to Help you Purr

Generous business grants are available through the Isle of Man Business Improvement Scheme (BIS). An initiative by the Department for Enterprise (DfE), designed to help businesses flourish. The scheme offers 50% towards projects including websites, e-commerce solutions and more.

Redcetera can guide your application for an Isle of Man Government Business Improvement Scheme (BIS) grant.

For further information on the Business Improvement Scheme contact Redcetera and talk to us or Visit IOM Business Improvement Scheme


Wish you could Carry on Trading or Futureproof Your Business?

Food suppliers, Restaurants, Garden Centres, Games, Toys, Books, Gifts, Arts & Crafts, Fashion or indeed Accountants and other Service Companies ...

Most of us are all in the same Covid-19 Lock Down but that shouldn't stop us from trading. But we do need to advertise our wares. Well designed and effective. Self-Isolators at home need you products, services, ideas and inspiration. You could help the community by delivering their goods or posting on their behalf.

If your business is closed or your website doesn’t offer online shopping go online with or without e-commerce in 2 days not only during lock down but in times to come.

We wish to give something back to our community with our experienced webdesign skills and we know money is tight so offer BUDGET solutions to get you online fast and affordable.

#1: Snazzy Shop Window Website - £350:

Tell the world in words and pictures about your business and products and what and how you can deliver these. Take orders via phone, email or social media. We will design and build a website with you in a secure and easily managed environment. Teach you the basics so that you can expand it in your own time. 2 x 4 Hours training sessions *

#2 Stylish Effective Online E-Commerce shop - £700:

As per #1 but in addition we help you organising and setting up product pages and build an effective online shop so you can start trading Together we will do some of the pages, set up a secure payment system. You then take over and expand the range in your own time. 4 x 4 Hours training sessions *

#3 Full Design and Build - by Quotation:

Fully functional secure online shop stocked with you products. Product photography, Graphics and Logo design available. Training is optional and you may be eligible for a grant Up and running in 1 month *

* SUBJECT to PREFLIGHT COMPLETION: There are a few things we will ask you to do and prepare in advance of our training sessions such as: Have a web name so that a domain can be registered. Have a Paypal account so that you can take payments. Have a few suitable images. Have text for your site. Have a list of products with names and descriptions. Preparing in advance means that we we won’t have to waste design time e.g. your money. But don't worry we will give you advice and a small prep list before we begin.

For fuller details phone 01624 897143 or email: info@redcetera.com
Office: Carmodil Bungalow - Glen Road - Ballaugh - IM7 5JE